Title 1

Jacksonville Charter Schools

Title I

San Jose Prep is fortunate to be a School-wide Title I school.   As such, we are provided with additional funds to help meet the needs of our student population.

What is Title I?  Title I is a federally funded program that is intended to supplement the regular classroom curriculum.  Students are provided extra assistance by highly qualified teachers in reading and/or math. The program's goal is to support students, so that every child meets and/or exceeds the state's standards.  A variety of teaching methods and materials are used to reinforce curriculum concepts.

What does school-wide Title I mean?  A school-wide Title I program ensures the success of all San Jose students.  Everyone has access to the numerous resources and materials purchased with Title I funds, including Chromebooks, computer programs, books, manipulatives, and learning games.  All students are taught by highly qualified staff.

How does this impact my child?  Your child has access to excellent resources, services, and programs.  Your child is taught by highly educated and effective staff.  Your family makes a difference in our school through volunteer opportunities, education classes, and parent advisory committees.

Principal's Attestation

The Principals operating a Title I program must complete an attestation that the school is in compliance with the highly qualified teacher and paraprofessional requirements. The attestations must be maintained at the school office and the district office and be available to any member of the general public upon request. If you would like to review the attestation, please ask in the office of your child’s school.

Parent Resource Center

We invite you to visit our Family Resource Center when you are here at San Jose Prep.  It is located in the front office.  It is our pleasure to provide you and your child with a variety of materials and resources to help support specific academic needs.  We offer technology, flashcards, books available for check out, community resources, and family games to practice skills, and we feel certain that you will find something useful for working with your child at home.

Our Family Resource Room is open daily from 8:00 am - 2:30 pm.

You can visit the Family Resource Room or contact Michelle Pangle, the Family Engagement Coordinator,  if you have questions or concerns, need assistance, or would like to check out materials.

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