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Natalia Pacheco is one of the Social Studies Teachers at San Jose Preparatory School. She is going on her eleventh year teaching at several private American and International schools in the Dominican Republic and growing from every experience as well as learning as much as she can to be a great teacher for her students. Ms. Pacheco was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Dominican Republic; studied in North American Accredited Schools and went to College in the United States. She has a Bachelors in Interior Design with a minor in Architecture from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia. She has also completed a PGCE, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, with a concentration in TESOL, additional college credits in History & Geography and currently completing her thesis on a Masters in Education with a concentration in Technology Integration with a double certification at FUNIBER with the “Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (UNINI)” in Mexico and the “Universidad Europea del Atlántico” in Spain. Ms. Pacheco started working at El Dominico Americano School in Santo Domingo teaching 10th grade World History and 11th grade U.S. History after 2 years she went to work at Saint Thomas School in Santo Domingo where she taught 6th through 12th grade (U.S. Civics, World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government). After 4 years she ventured to  Saint George School, a British IB School where she taught 7th grade Geography, 8th and 9th grade World History. A great opportunity came her way; she went to live in  Punta Cana and teach at Cap Cana Heritage School 6th through 9th grade World History. Go Marlins! She also taught a realistic drawing elective and gave after school volleyball at CCHS. Ms. Pacheco has taught and helped many students build their art portfolios for college which many have received scholarships for through her personal art drawing classes. Ms. Pacheco joined San Jose Academy 2019- 2020 school year and she will continue to teach History; however she will also be teaching Artistic Drawing Fundamentals and will be the Volleyball Coach.

Her main focus in the classroom is facilitating cooperative learning, reinforcing values, embracing cultural awareness, helping students out with their skills and techniques, teaching them to become independent learners, aiding/preparing them for college or by creating a fun, stimulating and safe learning environment; so they can become well-rounded productive citizens of society because they are the foundation for our future. Education was not her first career choice but it has been her life vocation and pride. She is the proud mother of three huskies who she adores!!! In her free time she enjoys traveling, cooking/baking, drawing, watching movies/ tv shows, shopping.

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