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Carmen Robles Vazquez

Middle School Mathematics


Tutoring: Pre Algebra, Mondays at 2:30pm; Math 2 Thursday at 2:30pm


Mrs. Carmen Angélica Robles Vázquez was in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. She has a master’s degree in mathematics curriculum and a bachelor’s degree in secondary education in mathematics.  In 2000 she started her teacher education. During her years of study, she worked as a teacher assistant and substitute teacher gaining experience and strategies from teachers she worked with. In 2002 she started working as a math teacher (Algebra 1 and Geometry) at the Colegio Santa Rosa superior and in 2004 she finished her baccalaureate with Magna Cum Laude.

 In 2005 she was accepted to work in the Puerto Rico Department of Education. There she worked for 7 years at the intermediate level where she offered the 7th, 8th mathematics courses and a pilot course in Mathematical Research and then moved to the higher level where she offered the courses of integrated mathematics 2, geometry, algebra 2, updated mathematics 1 and 2 and trigonometry. She loves it when a student tells her that they understand her class or when she meets them as adults and professionals, and they tell her you were my teacher. She loves being a teacher, she love teaching math and its importance in our lives. She likes to do her bit and make a difference in the lives of young people in her country and now in Jacksonville.


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