Uniform Policy

On-Campus Dress Code Requirements
The school uniform consists of a school polo and/or school hoodie with khaki or black shorts, slacks, or skorts. There is a mandatory P.E. uniform for all MS students as all MS students will have P.E. HS students with P.E must purchase a P.E uniform as well.

Middle school polo: royal blue

Middle school hoodie: gray

High school polo: black

High school hoodie: black

Shorts (non-athletic), Slacks, or Skorts may be purchased from any retail location you choose. The only restrictions are as follows:
● No Cargo pockets
● No Skinny Jeans
● No leggings, tights, yoga pants, sweat pants, elastic cuffs, or waists
● No athletic type shorts, except for the P.E uniform which is worn at P.E. only
● Shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee, as determined by the administration.

● No visible undergarments.
● Nothing that causes a distraction including sagging pants where undergarments are exposed.
● No visible piercings other than modest earrings or studs in ears/nose only.
● In cases where an individual student must be reminded more than once on any of the
policies, the student will be referred to the front office for disciplinary action to include
calling home to either have proper attire brought to school so the student can change or being signed out and sent home.

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