Pre-Early College Program

7th Grade 770L on the Spring administration of Achieve 3000, 3 or better on FSA ELA, and a 75 on PERT Reading. M/J Personal, Career, School Development Skills 2 and Career Planning (0500012) Any Field When Cert Reflects Bachelor of Higher This course will be used to teach Reading Skills essential to preparing for the PERT assessment and success in advanced level courses.
8th Grade (1st Semester) Level 3 on FSA ELA Reading, or a 2 or higher and successfully completed Pre-Early College Advanced Reading Course (7th Grade) with “C” or higher, and scored 85 or above on PERT Reading. Critical Thinking Skills (1700370) Any Academic Coverage This course continues preparing students for reading, writing, thinking, and speaking at the high school level through working with rigorous texts and standards.
8th Grade (2nd Semester) NA 2nd Semester: SLS110301 Must have Master’s Degree in any discipline and must attend training prior to teaching the course. This course, provided by Florida State College at Jacksonville, supports students with strategies for managing the post-secondary life of college and career