Charter School Jacksonville FL

What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools that are run independently. We receive greater flexibility over our operations, with an understanding of more accountability over our performance. All charter schools are established via a performance contract “charter” that will lay the groundwork as to how the school will operate. This includes the charter’s mission statement, governance structure, guidelines for educational instruction, hiring procedures, plans for enrollment, financial structure, and how success will be measured. Charter schools must test students and report results, just like the government-operated public schools, as required by federal and state laws.

Unlike typical public schools in Duval County where each student is assigned a school based on their residential address, San Jose Schools are schools of choice. This means that parents must choose to enroll their children at our school.

As a charter school in Jacksonville, FL we have autonomy over who we hire, curriculum, scheduling, and budgets. Any child can go to San Jose Prep, however in the event we reach our maximum capacity, those who wish to attend our school will be placed in a lottery for admissions.

Benefits of charter schools

According to a 2015 CREDO study, which measured 41 regions across the country, charter school students achieved significantly higher success in both reading and math compared to students at district public schools. In the study, the students’ educational gains in learning were equivalent to 40 additional days in math and 28 additional days in reading.

In a separate report on Student Achievement in Charter Schools, charter school students, especially students from low-income and minority backgrounds, benefited significantly. Below are a few of the study’s findings:

• In (4 of 5 studies) charter students performed better in math and reading.
• In (all 5 studies) low-income charter students performed better in math. In (4 of 5 studies) charter school students performed better in reading.
• In (5 of 5 studies) urban charter students overall performed better.
• In (2 of 3 studies) charter students with low prior achievement performed better.
• In (3 of 3 studies) minority charter students performed better.

Are there any limitations on who can attend a charter school?

Charter schools cannot discriminate against anyone for any reason. All federal and state civil rights protections apply for charter schools and they must comply with special education laws. If more students apply than the charter school can accommodate then admissions are then based on a lottery system. To learn more about San Jose Academy and Preparatory High Schools lottery, please contact us for more details.

Why choose San Jose Prep?

At San Jose Prep, we strive to make sure every student has the tools, encouragement, structure, and support they need to succeed.

• Is a college prep school that sets high expectations for its students and staff
• Has rigorous academic and personal standards
• Utilizes an instructional model that encourages individualized learning while providing teacher and peer support
• Places emphasis on parent-teacher communication and relationships
• Integrates Technology into each project or lesson, each classroom is equipped with a laptop for every student and an interactive smart projector.
• Promotes diversity and cultural awareness
• Offer daily in-class peer tutoring
• Offer after-school clubs i.e. basketball, drama, track and field, robotics, art appreciation, and others (typically as demanded by students/parents)
• Requires student involvement in community projects
• Requires School Uniforms
• Builds community business partnerships
• Encourages parent involvement through volunteering or similar activities
• Was the first school to join the Guardian Program in Duval County for campus safety, amongst many other security measures to make sure our students are protected.

If you would like to learn more about San Jose Prep please contact us today (904) 425-1725.