Frequently Asked Questions

Charter schools are independently operated public schools. Parents can choose to send their children to a public charter school outside of their "zoned" public school. There is no charge or tuition to attend a public charter school. While charter schools have flexibility in choosing curriculum and developing innovative teaching practices, charter schools must test students and report results, just like the government-operated public schools, as required by federal and state laws.

San Jose Prep offers a choice for parents and students within the public school system.

San Jose Prep...

  • Is a college prep school that sets high expectations for its students and staff
  • Has rigorous academic and personal standards
  • Utilizes an instructional model that encourages individualized learning while providing teacher and peer support
  • Places emphasis on parent-teacher communication and relationships
  • Integrates technology into each project or lesson (each classroom is equipped with a laptop for every student and an interactive smart projector)
  • Promotes diversity and cultural awareness
  • Offers daily in-class tutoring
  • Offers after school clubs (i.e. basketball, drama, track and field, robotics, art)
  • Requires student involvement in community projects
  • Requires school uniforms
  • Builds community business partnerships
  • Encourages parent involvement through volunteering or similar activities

San Jose Prep is a publicly funded charter school. There is no tuition charged to attend a charter school. Charter schools are funded based on the per-student allocation provide by each state or district. On occasion we may ask for parents to contribute money to cover the cost of field trips or a unique classroom experience.

San Jose Prep provides a unique environment that emphasizes high academic achievement through the use of state of the art technology and innovative but proven educational methods. We prepare students to successfully compete in an increasingly competitive post-secondary environment and the global job market.

To begin the enrollment process, visit the school's enrollment page on this site to submit a pre-enrollment form. After your pre-enrollment form has been received, the school will contact you to confirm receipt, and formal enrollment documents will be made available to you as soon as possible.

Not necessarily. In the event that the demand exceeds the seats available, San Jose Prep will conduct a random lottery to determine who is able to enroll.

Please contact the school for details.

Every San Jose Prep Teacher will be certified to teach in the subject and grade-level to which they are assigned. We will recruit and hire teachers who are committed to delivering a high-quality education to each student.

Yes, San Jose Prep requires students to wear uniforms. We find that simple, comfortable uniforms or a dress code mark learning as a serious endeavor and minimize student competition and distraction regarding dress. Uniforms will be available for purchase on the website before the first day of school. Our complete uniform policy is available on our website.

Yes. San Jose Prep will provide services to any child with special needs with the goal of having the student become successful in regular classroom settings. Each child is evaluated to determine the most effective educational program we can provide, consistent with federal law.

Yes. San Jose Prep will provide services to any child with ESOL requirements with the goal of having the student become successful in regular classroom settings.

San Jose Prep's school calendar closely resembles that of Duval County Schools with the exception that we will have "Early Release" every Friday at 1:00 pm and some additional days off. Please check our school calendar for exact dates. The Calendar is posted on the website and can be found here School Calendar

School begins promptly at 8:00 am and ends at 2:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am until 1:00pm on Fridays.

Teachers and parents will formally meet during Orientation and Open House. As new teachers are identified during the spring, it is expected that many will attend upcoming parent information events. On an ongoing basis, teachers will communicate with parents in person, via e-mail, and by phone to communicate to them their child's progress. We believe that a strong parent - teacher relationship helps create the best learning environment possible.

The best ways to get updates about the school is to visit this website and register for our email updates.