Course scheduling 2021-2022

Students will receive course scheduling sheets from Student Services. Students and parents should review the 2021-2022 San Jose Prep Course Catalog to familiarize themselves with all available courses, pre-requisites, progression plans, and graduation requirements.  We have many new courses and programs coming to San Jose Prep, so please make sure you thoroughly review the catalog to familiarize yourself with all of the upcoming changes. 

Please note that some courses require teacher recommendations. Intensive Reading and Intensive Math are state required courses for students who score 1 or 2 on the ELA or Math FSA. If a student is required to take Intensive Reading or Intensive Math, it will take the place of one of their electives. Students who do not have a passing score on the Biology EOC exam will be placed in a section of AP Biology in order to meet the Biology graduation requirement. 

Students should rank their choice of electives from 1-5, with 1 being the elective they most desire. Student Services and Administration will make every effort to accomodate students' elective choices, if available. Failure to rank the electives will result in electives being chosen for the student and no schedule change will be issued in the Fall. 

Failure to return course selection sheets by the April 1 deadline will result in a schedule being created for the student and no schedule change will be issued in the Fall. 

We will host a Zoom meeting for parents on Tuesday, March 30 at 3:00p.m. to familiarize parents with the course scheduling process and answer any questions you may have. The meeting will be recorded and later posted on this page. 


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