Welcome to San Jose

San Jose Academy and High School provides a unique environment, which emphasizes high academic achievement using state of the art technology and innovative but proven educational methods.  We prepare students to successfully compete in an increasingly competitive post-secondary environment and the global job market. In addition, our school offers a personal, safe and caring environment where we strive to meet our students' needs as individual learners.

In all classes, teachers implement an instructional framework which provides students with opportunities to learn in small groups with the teacher, collaborate with peers, and work independently. 

Highlights of the academy curriculum include a focus on 'Learning to Think' strategies using Habits of Mind, 16 habits that successful "thinkers" employ, identified by researcher Art Costa and a blend of print and electronic curriculum resources, with technology integrated into every classroom.

Highlights of the high school curriculum include an entirely digital curriculum provided by Apex Learning. These dynamic online tools were created in 1997 by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Now, over 4,000 school districts are using these tools. With Apex Learning, students are encouraged to explore further and think critically. Apex provides students with a rich, in-depth learning experience using video, animation, audio, and interactivity to raise student achievement. Additionally, built-in assestments allow students to gauge their progress and move ahead at their own pace. San Jose High School also provides students with a college preparatory education and real world experience through its unique Professional Internship "work-study" program. The Professional Internship exposes the student to a "real-world" work environment that broadens their horizons and encourages them to set high goals for themselves.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be going home on Friday, September 25th.  These reports will need to be signed by a parent and returned to their homeroom teacher on Monday morning, September 28th.  Please call the school office if you have any questions!

**Shirt Buy Back**

If your student's school shirts do not fit anymore, you may bring them in and receive a 20% discount on the purchase of a new shirt.  We have new shirts in and more on the way.  Call the school or stop by for further details.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Good Evening San Jose Families;

I am delighted to report that many of our parents have already been so supportive of our school. This school year, with your help, we have successfully celebrated Student of the Month breakfasts and lunch, our testing celebrations and our Valentines Dance is next Friday.  We have many parents volunteering to assist with our upcoming Honor Roll celebrations.

Food Service Bids

Newpoint Education Partners is offering meals to San Jose Academy and Preparatory High School through the National School Lunch Program. Lunch will be provided at each school, and must meet the requirements according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture standards. The school is located in Jacksonville, FL, and the average meal count is 250 per day. The total number of service days is 180, Monday through Friday, August 2015 through June 2016.